Woodstock 50 Is In Trouble Again, to the Dismay of the Twelve Aging Hippies Who Actually Cared

Woodstock was pretty much a one-time event. Meant to be a fairly normal outdoor music festival in 1969 like the earlier Monterey Pop or what Coachella is today, it took on a sort of mythic quality after 400,000 people showed up to the event estimated to have about 50,000 attendees and was cemented into the cultural zeitgeist thanks to the Michael Wadleigh documentary that released the following year.

There have been a number of attempts at revival concerts, and the 25th and 30th anniversary attracting crowds as large as the original event, we all generally agree that this is a thing that happened one time and you can’t jut force it to happen again.

Despite this, there has been a group intent on putting on a 50th anniversary concert on the original grounds, and things have not been going smoothly. We’re just two months away from the scheduled date and TMZ is reporting that the festival has lost its venue.

The hammer dropped Monday afternoon when Watkins Glen International — an upstate NY race track — terminated Woodstock 50’s site license … leaving the troubled concert without a home. The racetrack cited its contract with Woodstock 50 as its reason for scrapping the permit.

That’s going to make it hard to put on the show. It should be mentioned that the show was previously cancelled but the organizer managed to find a new backer to keep it alive, but that’s probably contingent on actually having a place to put on the show, which they’re working on.

A rep for Woodstock tells us, “We are in discussions with another venue to host Woodstock 50 on August 16th – 18th and look forward to sharing the new location when tickets go on sale in the coming weeks.

Maybe it’s just time to let it go. No one is going to remember it in even one year, much less 50. Quick, name a single band that performed at Woodstock ’94. You can’t, because no one cares. You probably forgot it even happened. Half a million people went to that and most people don’t even remember that there were two Woodstock concerts in the 90s, they just run together and all people remember is someone set one on fire.

This one might get set on fire preemptively for the insurance.

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