Zedd Has His Own Notes for Matthew Koma

Matthew Koma let loose a laundry list of complaints and accusations against Zedd last week. He alleged Zedd took credit for his work because after fame inflated his ego and that he doesn’t even produce his own music anymore.

Well, two can play this game. You’re not the only one who knows how to take screenshots of your Notes app, Koma.

Zedd responded to most of Koma’s points with his side of the story in hopes of giving everyone a fair and balanced view. It is worth mentioning that Rukes, Zedd’s longtime photographer, quit working with him last year and says it was one of the best things he’s done in his career. Take that for what you will. Of course, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. So why don’t they just meet in the middle? Sounds like they’re losing their minds just a little. In the middle, ohhhhh.

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