A Chinese Streamer’s Face Filter Glitched Leaving Fans Feeling Conned

Your Highness Qiao Biluo, a popular streamer in China on the Douyu platform with over 100,000 followers, has been described as a “cute goddess” worshipped by her fans. Despite always covering her face with an anime filter, fans would regularly donate to her stream, the highest being $6,000, because her sweet, innocent fans thought her cute voice meant she was cute. She didn’t do much to dispel that myth as she’d post edited pics on her Weibo, China’s Twitter. She was basically a PG version of a cam girl but with more blue-balling.

Unfortunately, that all came to an end on July 25 when her face filter glitched during one of her livestreams. This led to sudden shock and horror among her viewers. Some questioned their life choices or, at the very least, their past wank sessions. Qiao looked closer to the 58-year-old middle-aged woman she was than a hot 20-something.

Qiao didn’t even realize she wasn’t being filtered until viewers started leaving her channel. Her top donator straight up quit the stream and deleted his account. I can’t even begin to imagine what he was feeling. But it’s probably something similar to what you feel after jerking off to a Aunt Jemima bottle. Shame, guilt, regret.

You’d think Qiao would also quit out of sheer embarrassment, but when life gives you lemons, you pretend you did it on purpose, rack up 650,000 followers from the controversy, take advertisements from beauty cameras and announce an upcoming music album. Qiao may not be the cutest woman out there, but you have to respect her courage. Especially on that album release considering her voice sounds like this.

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