Camille Grammer Ripped Her Own Dress Off on Television

I’ve been really mad in my life, but never “get nude on Bravo” mad the way Camille Grammer got on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

I really don’t know what Camille is trying to accomplish here. I have two guesses.

  1. She’s trying to take off her mic pack, can’t find it and just goes “well, f**k it, I’ll just take the whole dress off.”
  2. She was copying that episode of Arrested Development where Kitty keeps flashing her boobs after quitting.

Either way, I don’t think she comes off as good as she thinks she does in the process. But I mean, good for Frasier, she’s keeping it tight.

Camille apparently thinks she was ambushed and verbally gangbanged by the other rich housewives for not being mean to Lisa Vanderpump. Personally, I’m not taking any chances, I plan to be super mean to Lisa Vanderpump to make sure I don’t get on these bitches’ bad sides.

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