Comic-Con May Be Over, But Cosplay Hotties Like Kallisi Vamp Are Eternal

Comic-Con was this weekend, so as a special service we’re bringing you pictures of cosplay Instagram thots instead of of our regularly scheduled vanilla Instagram thots. And today’s cosplayer, Kallisi Vamp, is especially impressive.

Neon Genesis Evangelion just got added to Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet.

More impressive, however, is Kallisi’s ability to convincingly cosplay as characters from Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, the most popular comic book in the world. Why, exactly, is this so impressive? Well, here’s how Oda says he draws women.

That’s a pretty impressive Nami costume.

Not a bad Boa Hancock, either.

There’s a live-action One Piece adaptation in the works, potentially a series at Netflix, and they could do worse than to cast her as Nami.

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