Couldn’t Make it to Comic Con? Andy Rae’s Sexy Cosplay Will Make You Forget All About It

One of the best things about Comic-Con is that lots of dorks go in dorky costumes. Some of them are pretty great, and they really take the edge off of listening to a fat guy with a beard complain about how it used to be about the comic books and why is the cast of The Big Bang Theory in Hall H?

The really nice thing about dorks in costumes is that some of them are sexy lady dorks like Andy Rae. So if you’re upset you could stand in line for four hours to spend $100 on five Magic cards that are mostly just black ink with vague shapes on them, maybe some cosplay will make you feel better.

Who doesn’t love Thundercats?

I like the way the body paint for this Starfire cosplay has the black lines on the boobs like you’d find in a comic book. It real says “look at my boobs, you can claim you’re admiring the body paint job.”

Seriously, there’s nothing classier than outlining your cleavage in black sharpie.

Oh my god she’s Gwen Stacy. Be still my heart.

Also Mary Jane, but Gwen Stacy is way better than Mary Jane, which is why alternate Gwen is Spider-Woman and alternate Mary Jane is still an unsuccessful actress.

I think this is just a bikini and not a cosplay, but, whatever, it works.

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