Does This 58-Year-Old Have What it Takes To Be a ‘Sports Illustrated’ Model? We Think She Does

There aren’t a lot of models over 40 in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. There aren’t even really a lot of models over 30 unless they’re someone whose name you already know. But  58-year-old mother of two Jodi Harrison-Bauer thinks she has what it takes to be in the magazine, and we have to agree with her.

There are not a lot of women in the world who are closing in on 60 and look like that.

Jodi talked to the New Haven Register about why she was making the journey to Florida to compete with women half her age for a coveted spot in the magazine.

“Whether I’m chosen or not. I’m doing this as another way to share who I am and encourage others along the way that it’s not too late to try something new,” said Harrison-Bauer, who combines 10 hours of resistance training and weight lifting with cardio each week to maintain her fitness.

“I’m 58 and I’ve never felt so confident in myself. I want to get my message out to all ages, but especially women over 50, to ignore expectations by being bold and stepping out of your comfort zone.”

She is certainly bold.

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