Emma Portner Absolutely Went OFF on Justin Bieber Over His Treatment of Her as an Employee

Emma Portner, also known as Mrs Ellen Page because no one has actually heard of Emma Portner, took to her Instagram Story recently to launch a broadside attack on Justin Bieber, for whom she worked as a choreographer.

Emma starts with some histrionics that make me almost immediately take Bieber’s side, which, if you’re a regular reader you know is really hard to do. Here’s what she said, though. “I gave your universe my naive body, creativity, time and effort. Twice.”

Okay, let’s settle down, you did some choreography for a pop singer, that ranks just above mime on the artist scale.

She went on to say that Bieber paid her less than minimum wage for her time and she had to work another job. She also said he “degrades” women more than once, but didn’t give any example of how other than the aforementioned low pay.

Then she went into an attack on his church, which is sort of a fashionable thing as is there are any religions that are super LGBT friendly.  Methodists, I guess? Mormons for about a week or two now.

Then she compared Bieber to Chris Brown, which I don’t think is going to make her any friends seeing as how Brown allegedly beat the complete s**t out of his girlfriend and Bieber hired you as an independent contractor and goes to a church you don’t like. These things are not really the same at all, and I think it’s pretty offensive to conflate them.

Still, I don’t have a lot of trouble believing (or Beliebing) that Just is a giant asshole. Just don’t remember being accused of beating a woman until she could barely walk is all.

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