Evan Rachel Wood Wants You to Hate ‘Stranger Things’

Evan Rachel Wood seems to really not like Stranger Things.  Specifically, she thinks Hopper is an abusive partner, which isn’t a particularly terrible opinion, but she’s on about it for two fucking days and at a certain point you end up like Michael Che and you’ve spent an entire month being mad online under the guise of “I’m just dabbing on the haters.”

At this point, we’re pretty normal. The dude does have a temper, I don’t think the show is trying to signal that the character is abusive but maybe if he wasn’t fictional it would be a red flag. She even says as much.

Great, time to move on?

Obviously not, because she’s still going on about it days later.

Lady, that was three days ago at this point.

Maybe if she didn’t keep logging on and fighting with them it would have stopped by now.

I haven’t gotten around to Stranger Things 3 yet but I can pretty much assure you Hopper isn’t abusive. And I don’t think the people defending him on the internet are, either. People get mad when you s**t on a thing they like. Why do you think Star Wars fans are so mad all the time? Over 40 years, a dozen movies and absolutely nothing worth watching for even a second has been created after 1983.

Also, did anyone watch the second season of Westworld? That was on already, right? Season one was going to be the next Game of Thrones, and season two came out and I haven’t heard a peep. So I get it. Maybe Evan Rachel Wood is spending so much time responding to angry tweets because she just wants to get the word out that she does indeed still have a TV show.

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