If Jason Momoa Is Considered Fat Now, The Rest of Us Should Just Hang It Up


I there’s one thing the internet is basically always talking about, it’s fat shaming. Miley Cyrus recently found the absolute fattest person she could find to post to Instagram and say “This is basically fine.” It’s not fine, you should not be that fat. I get that people are fat, I’m fat, it’s basically fine, but there comes a point where you go from supporting someone to enabling them, and Miley Cyrus is an enabler.

On the other end of the spectrum, Jason Momoa is apparently being fat shamed for not looking like Aquaman 365 days a year.

Here’s what Jason Momoa looks like.

That is neither fat nor dad bod. That is a super in-shape dude who isn’t going to the gym every day because he’s not currently trying to look like a superhero. Here’s how writer, director and Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter explained this on Twitter.

This is what actors (& models & bodybuilders) do. If you see them with razor cut abs, they have been on a low carb, water-reducing diet to get there. You cannot retain that and be healthy.

When we shot WOLVES, Jason asked me, “Do I have to have abs n’ s**t for this?”

I said no.

But surprisingly, there were people insulting Momoa here as if he looked like Jared Leto in that movie where he played Mark David Chapman.

“Dad Belly.” “My goodness.” These people have no perspective.

None of us have a chance if this guy is too fat. What I know for sure is that you can be too fat, but the scale for that has Jason Momoa on one side and that Miley Cyrus post way on the other end.

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