Instagram Influencer Ekaterina Karaglanova Found Dead Inside a Suitcase

Usually, the most difficult part of being an Instagram influencer is trying to buy enough fake followers to score a free trip to the Bahamas without being discovered and ridiculed. That changed today when Russian influencer Ekaterina Karaglanova (85,000 followers) was found dead inside a suitcase in her apartment with her throat slit. The scene was a grisly contrast to her usual luxurious IG posts.

Though, she was more than just an influencer and travel blogger with a moderate amount of fans. The 24-year-old recently graduated from med school as a dermatologist. She was about to celebrate her 25th with a trip to the Netherlands with her boyfriend and family. When they didn’t hear from her for several days, they had the landlord open her apartment which is when they found their body. There was no signs of a struggle. Investigators suspect a jealous ex. Probably someone in the 500 – 1,000 follower range.

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