Jerry Foxhoven Who Led Iowa’s Department of Human Services Fired for His Love of Tupac

Tupac superfan Jerry Foxhoven may have been forced to resign from his position at the Department of Human Services because he didn’t want people to run when they see Tupac. Foxhoven was known to regularly send inspirational Tupac quotes to employees. A day after he sent one to all 4,000 employees, he was fired. Said Foxhoven, “I’m a 66-year-old white guy from the Midwest who likes rap music, who likes Tupac!”

Foxhoven unabashedly stans Tupac. He celebrated his birthday with Tupac-themed baked goods, marks Tupac milestones like his death and has his ethics class at Drake University read Tupac.

But not every employee was a fan of Tupac. In an email, one of his staff let it be known there was a hater. That didn’t stop Foxhoven though. “I am going to hang in there on him — despite all the naysayers,” he wrote.

The governor’s office wouldn’t confirm nor deny his inspirational Tupac quotes were part of the reason he was dismissed. The spokesman merely said, “She wanted to go in a new direction.” Apparently one that didn’t include America’s most beloved rapper.

The email which may have led to his firing read, “Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back. It simply means that you are 2 steps ahead.” He then praised his staff. Sadly, Foxhoven may have been too street for the Department of Human services.

Next week Foxhoven turns 67 and he still intends to keep it real. “I will be listening to some Tupac on my birthday. That’s totally true.”

Foxhoven shouldn’t be too worried though. Emails unearthed by the AP showed he was loved by many. And he’s not the first person to see changes. That’s just the way it is.

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