Lil Nas X Comes Out on the Last Day of Pride Month

Man, if you thought country music fans were mad about Lil Nas X being on the Country chart despite being black, wait until they find out he’s also gay.

Just after his performance at Glastonbury, Lil Nas X made this tweet that seemed to be him coming out as gay. Or bi, we’ll get to that later.

It’s pride month, there’s a rainbow, the connection is pretty obvious.

He followed that up with this.

And then he started getting silly.

But you’re also reading a little too much into what he said.

Remember before when I mentioned he might be bi?

Just use the word biexual, people know what it means. There’s nothing that drives me crazier than some 20-year-old sipping a $5 bottle of white wine going “I’m not into labels, I just like people and not bodies, you know?” Just say you’re fucking bi. If it was good enough for David Bowie it’s good enough for you.

That wasn’t actually aimed at Lil Nas, it was aimed at some bitch named Becca or Tawney who’s really into crystals.

Unrelated, Nas also cleared up how to pronounce his new single ‘C7osure’.

I like this dude, gay or bi, he’s got a sense of humor.

TMZ had a little inside information on his decision.

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