Lindsay Lohan Has a New Terrible Accent

The Masked Singer was the surprise hit of last season, and that means it’s going to be spawning a lot of imitators and foreign versions. It’s actually already a foreign version of a Korean show, but we’re Americans so I don’t consider other countries to actually exist.

One of the international versions of The Masked Singer is being produced in Australia, and they’ve hired Lindsay Lohan as a judge. And, well, Lindsay has an interesting way of talking about it.

Yes, that’s right, Lindsay Lohan has another new accent. I would not recommend trying to adopt an Australian accent, it’s actually hard as balls to do properly.

This isn’t Lindsay’s first foray into sounding like an asshole, though. She previously rolled out an unintelligible fake accent based on nothing, sort of like that Mid-Atlantic accent actors like Kelsey Grammar use to sound fancy, even though it’s not actually from anywhere. The difference is they actually do sound fancy, while Lindsay sounds like a crazy person.

I mean, she is a crazy person, remember when she tried to steal those kids? She was just speaking nonsense.

The other judges will be Kylie Minogue’s sister Dannii, who is also a singer but not nearly as successful as Kylie, stand-up comic Dave Hughes, who Wikipedia says is known for his Australian accent, which seems like a low bar for an Australian and television personality Jackie O, who has not yet been successful enough to buy her own celebrity name and has had to rent a used one from the late American first lady.

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