Logan Paul Just Implied His Brother’s Engagement is a Fake

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are engaged. I guess. It’s a thing they said and they even have video but I think everyone thinks it’s fake. Well, everyone except for my girlfriend, who says she “totally ships them,” but I think she’s just doing that to annoy me.

Not even Jake Paul’s brother Logan actually believes that Jana is the real deal, and he thought people would believe he wasn’t expecting to find a dead body when he went into Japan’s suicide forest.

People reported that Logan seemed dismissive of the idea that Jake and Tana were a real couple in a recent interview. 

“I don’t do that s—, bro,” Logan, 24, responded when one of the hosts asked if he was in a “fake YouTube relationship,” followed by the host claiming that Logan’s younger brother and fellow YouTuber, Jake, was.

“I don’t know what’s going on there, man,” Logan added of Jake’s engagement to YouTuber Tana Mongeau, which they announced on June 24.

I always assumed they were close, because who else would want to be friends with these people?

“There’s no exchange [of money], but you can make money together,” he explained. “Like, say you make merch together, you probably split like 50/50 split. I hope so. Like what if my brother’s like doing 80/20 with Tana?”

“Oh Tana no, Tana don’t do it,” Logan laughed, adding, “he been doing 80/20.”

“I don’t do that, bro,” he continued. “And I had an opportunity like a big one by the way. Like I could have pounced in a relationship that would have lit this s— on fire.”

There was a brilliant episode of The Simpsons in the seventh season called A Fish Called Selma that featured Marge’s sister Selma entering into a fake relationship with actor Troy McClure because of the rumors that “Troy McClure sleeps with the fishes.”

What do you think Jake Paul is trying to hide with his fake engagement? Or are he and Tana just trying to get more of that sweet, sweet influencer cash? And will Jake turn down a part in McBain IV to direct The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel.

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