Sarah Hyland is Engaged!

I like it when things work out for Sarah Hyland, I really do. She’s so tiny and full of kidneys, things haven’t been easy for her. You know when you get a kidney transplant they don’t take the old kidney out, they just put the new one in? Where is Sarah Hyland keeping all these kidneys, she’s so small!

Unlike her Modern Family character who ended up with that putz Dylan and not Andy for some reason, Sarah is hopefully headed for a happy ending with Wells Adams after the couple announced their engagement on Instagram.

Look at the size of that ring. That dude is a TV bartender, I don’t know how he pulled that off.

They’re such a cute couple. I don’t know why she’s orange, but still, adorable.

Okay, no one is going to confuse her with a Kardashian.

Her fiance posted a video montage of the engagement.

I hope it works out for these crazy kids, I really do.

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