Shaq Is at Tomorrowland Living His Best Life

Tomorrowland, the world’s most well-known EDM festival, began over the weekend. Unfortunately, one man from India already died. That’s the bad news. The good news is DJ Diesel aka Shaq is on the lineup and he’s playing future bass. Yea, sure, a lot of his music is tracks from other DJs and whatever isn’t might be ghost produced and he’s mostly pressing play, but look at that guy. How can you not get excited when a giant of a man is getting lit on stage in front of you?

Shaq isn’t just playing sets and bouncing. He’s also out there with the crowd. Here he is headbanging like this was hist last day alive.

And here he is moshing. I don’t think he’s even on drugs. Do drugs even affect this guy?

Being in a pit with a 7’1” Shaq might seem a little scary, but that dude is a gentle giant. If you fell, he’d probably give you a shoulder ride to safety.

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