Skinny Bitch Miley Cyrus Wants You to Know It’s Okay to be Too Fat to Fit Through Doors

Body positivity, or fat acceptance is a somewhat controversial social issue, and for good reason. There’s really no reason to be shitty to fat people, and we as a society often are; at the same time, extreme obesity isn’t healthy either, and while we’re passing laws in some countries to ban advertisements featuring models who are too thin the same people are pushing for more models who are bigger. Also, most of this community sound like female incels complaining that they can’t f**k male models and have to settle for less attractive men, so I basically have no sympathy for them.

We all love plus-sized model Ashley Graham, and you can try to deny that all you want but I get to see what articles you people actually read and she is pretty close to the top of the most popular people featured on this site. But people got mad that she appeared to lose some weight once, and you can’t argue she was dangerously thin.

Miley Cryus wanted to get in on this conversation and she did so by posting a naked picture of a woman who is just…

I mean, she makes some good points, but people do the same thing to people who look dangerously underweight so I’m not sure it’s just that people are fat and more that people in your replies on social media are just fucking nosey.

Anyway, Miley Cyrus is married to a Hemsworth so she’s clearly not as committed to this cause as she claims to be. Eric Stonestreet isn’t married, Miley, and I’ll bet you never even called him for a date, and that guy is hilarious. Not as hilarious as he was in season two, but, you know, it’s been a long time, people run out of ideas.

Miley also has a new video out now where her vagina appears to be some sort of medieval torture device. That might not just be for the video. Honestly, I’d rather see Ashley Graham, but that’s just me.

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