The Rage Quitting Bagel Boss Guy Has a Rage Filled YouTube Channel

By now you’ve probably heard about Chris Morgan, the Bagel Boss Guy, who went off at a cashier after he thought she slighted him. He ended up venting his frustrations with dating apps before a man tackled him to the ground. Bagel Boss did give us some memorable lines such as, “You’re not my dad, or god, or my boss!” You can refresh your memory with the video and the aftermath below.

Bagel Boss owner Donald Rosner wasted no time in capitalizing on the video by offering a free mini bagel to anyone who came in and mentioned the video.

And now, naturally, his YouTube channel was discovered and it has just as much rage as his bagel video does.

Life has not been kind to Morgan who decided to use YouTube as a way of shaming Al to pay back the $1500 he lent him.

People won’t even leave his car.

It’s also not the first time someone made fun of his height.

There are also some other videos that were removed of him calling people “ghetto hoodrats” which, if he was planning to use the sympathy card, will simply not work.

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