This ‘Sports Illustrated’ Model With Alopecia Is Making Bald Sexy

Fall is coming, and that means we’re already picking the models for next spring’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. It’s sort of like how Starbucks is already rolling out the pumpkin spice (which is like, 90% cinnamon, so just calm your tits white ladies) and department stores start their Black Friday sales on Arbor Day now.

We keep getting looks at models and potential models for next year’s swimsuit issue, but one of the standouts this time is Christie Valdiserri, who happens to have alopecia, which means all the hair on her body just sort of falls out.

Is now a good time to mention I had a crush on the bald chick from first Star Trek movie when I was a kid?

Christie looks good with or without hair and I think it’s great she’s sharing her story.

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