Could South Korea Ban Sex Dolls and Robots? The Debate is On!

Ahh, South Korea. So much great stuff has come out of that country lately, like Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, the variety show where chefs from all over the country and a random dude named Kim Poong compete to make the best dish out of the contents of a celebrity’s refrigerator, which has been delivered to the studio for the show. They also brought us Psy and those bands with the sexy girls and the sexy boys who look like girls.

But not everything to come out of South Korea is cool, like the current debate on if sex dolls should be illegal. Reuters reports that though the courts recently found it legal to own sex dolls, it sparked a massive call for them to be banned.

A petition calling for a ban on importing life-size sex dolls into South Korea has gathered nearly a quarter million signatures as of Friday, passing a threshold that requires the president’s office to respond to the matter.

While sex dolls are not illegal in South Korea, government customs agencies had blocked their import under a law that restricts materials that “corrupt public morals.”

However, the Seoul High Court said in January that sex dolls were for personal use and should be treated differently than pornography, which is heavily restricted under South Korean law. That decision was upheld by the supreme court in June.

Sex robot technology is really still in its infancy, and the people of South Korea could be missing out on some real breakthroughs if they ban them now. I have a feeling that any day now we’re going to hear how sex robot engineers have fixed the problem where hackers can comandeer your sex robot and rip your dick off, and do you really want to miss out on that, South Korea?

The author of the petition argued that the customisable features of some dolls could be used to create copies of real people, a concern that Lee dismissed as unfounded.

There’s always some weird stupid objection to these things on completely made-up grounds because people don’t want to admit they want to control how people masturbate. Because let’s be real, we say they’re sex robots, but they’re masturbation robots and dolls, you’re not having sex with them any more than a woman has sex with a Hitachi back massager.

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