Everyone Wants to Bang This Guy’s Mom

22-year-old Nathan Nguyen from LA posted some photos of him and his mom to the infamous Subtle Asian Traits Facebook group. That in itself isn’t a big deal. What was was his mom is very attractive. By which I mean she’s super hot. A bunch of people first thought she was his girlfriend. When they found out it was his mom, they decided to take their shot.

You can probably guess how annoyed one would get if thirsty dudes from the internet tried to hit on your mom.

Jonathan attributes his mom’s youthfulness to her keto diet, daily workouts and her skincare routine. He didn’t say how old his mother was but she’s somewhere in her 40s. Also, judging by how many dudes are trying to slide into his mom’s DMs, he better start preparing for some 20-year-old fuccboi to be his new dad.

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