Heidi Klum Posted a Topless Pic, It’s as Great as You’d Imagine

Heidi Klum Instagrammed a topless photo of herself on a yacht. WITH NIPPLE! Mmmm, yes please.

There’s the whole free nipple thing on Instagram. It’s great that this is Klum’s contribution.

My first thought was, is this really Heidi Klum topless? I thought she was way older. You look at this instagram and it’s nothing like her other pics. Must be some serious soft lighting going on.

It’s not the first time she’s gone topless. She also posted a “topless” pic of herself to celebrate her honeymoon with now husband, Tom Kaulitz.

They’re currently in Italy on another honeymoon. Klum also put up another photo of herself from behind.

Then another one of her husband sleeping in the morning on their yacht. How great would it be to wake up on the deck on a yacht?

You’re probably reading this at work on the toilet.

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