James Charles Got Hacked, Then Posted a Nude Picture, Then Became a Meme… All in One Day

Some days I just don’t know what I’d do with myself if YouTube didn’t exist. It, along with platforms like Twitch, have essentially democratized the creation of celebrities, and about 99% of the time, those new celebrities are enormous assholes.

Take, for example, 19-year-old makeup YouTuber James Charles. Earlier this year he was involved in the dumbest internet drama I’ve ever heard of when his friend and mentor Tati Westbrook, also a makeup YouTuber but also an adult woman, lost her s**t and accused him of trying to confuse straight men into having sex with him because Charles did an ad for vitamins on Instagram that competes with her line of vitamins. Yes, all YouTube drama is that dumb. It’s glorious.

Over the weekend, Charles’ Twitter account was hacked, as noted by eagle-eyed followers surprised he was actually making good tweets for a change.

The hacked tweets made reference to other incidents involving YouTube idiots like the time Shane Dawson absolutely didn’t f**k his cat and Logan Paul being shocked he found a dead body on what was otherwise a pleasant stroll through a Japanese suicide forest.

Once he got control of his account back, James Charles did what any rational person would do and posted a picture of himself naked.

I mean, I’ve seen worse, but this is still pretty dumb and probably just an excuse to show off his ass. Luckily for us, it became a meme, and here are some of the best tweets to come out of it.

See what I mean about YouTube celebrities? You’re not going to catch Brian Dennehy with his ass out on Twitter.

Okay, maybe Danny DeVito.

I never knew Alex Jones with hairy tits was something I needed to see, but it’s 100% something I needed to see.

Sarah does what Nintendon’t.

Okay, so, sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving this year?

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