Jeffrey Epstein’s Madame Taught Sex Slaves Proper Way to Give BJs

Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t just help find sex slaves for Jeffrey Epstein, she also gave them detailed lessons on the best way to suck him off. One of Epstein’s victims, Priscilla Doe, claims Maxwell gave her a step-by-step tutorial when they met at his pedophile island in 2006.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, docs reveal Maxwell used her own hands “to demonstrate how to pleasure Jeffrey Epstein manually so that plaintiff would know exactly how to make Jeffrey Epstein happy.” The advice then got more detailed as she started giving her advice on “stimulation” and “pressure”. Eventually, she made sure she and the other women were “constantly on call to sexually service” Epstein. So not only were women forced into sexual slavery, their creativity was also stifled.

On the same trip, Priscilla, who was 20-year-old dancer at the time, was forced to have sex with another woman called “Associate 2” while Epstein choked her.

The new court documents also detailed what a weirdo Epstein was. Right before he was about to come, he’d have epiphanies and decide to make some business calls. He said, “that nearing sexual climax evoked certain important thoughts in Jeffrey Epstein’s mind.” Epstein would make up to four business calls during a sexual massage.

I can only imagine how horrible this was for the women. Not only were they forced to have sex with him, but when they were finally about to get it over with, Epstein would suddenly remember he forgot the milk or something and they’d have to start all over again. It’s like Sisyphus but with a rapist’s dick.

Massages weren’t reserved just for Epstein either. Priscilla was forced to massage his “powerful friends”, but she didn’t identify any by name. One time, she was forced to serve food to Woody Allen at a private party because Epstein wanted to keep her in line. “This server’s role was forced upon plaintiff in order to demean her, frighten her, and impress upon her the need for her to conceal the commercial sex trafficking enterprise he was running,” read the complaint.

To make matters worse, I bet those powerful friends didn’t even tip well.

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Jah Reefer
Jah Reefer
4 years ago

funny how not another single Jew is implicated in this. All attention is going to Prince Andrew, a bad white person! You “people” need your heads and eyes checked.