Jessica Chastain Dropped Massive Cleavage, Hilary Duff Lost Her Pregnancy Weight, So Expect More Acting Jobs and More

  • Jessica Chastain dropped massive cleavage [Linkiest]
  • Hilary Duff lost her pregnancy weight, expect more acting jobs [Celebitchy]
  • Forever 21 filing bankruptcy? Wow, sad [Dlisted]
  • Stare hard, you might make out Jennifer Lopez‘s vaj (NSFW) [DrunkenStepfather]
  • Pete Davidson‘s new girlfriend [Celebitchy]
  • Coco Austin‘s panties are a little too small (Site NSFW) [TheNipSlip]
  • Meet busty insta model Emily Elizabeth [GCeleb]
  • Of COURSE some people are complaining about Dave Chappelle‘s new standup special [TheBlemish]
  • Jenelle Eason starts a GoFundMe for her husband [Starcasm]
  • What a street fight between two 80-year-olds looks like [CavemanCircus]

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