Jojo Babie is Showing Off Sexy New Looks for Summer

You thought this was going to be a news story, but it was some, a sexy Asian model! Get it, because that’s from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and we’re talking about Jojo Babie?

And what about Jojo Babie? She is showing off some very risqué lingerie on Instagram.

Now that is very sexy, but how do you get the hearts to stay put? Does anyone really want lingerie that requires spirit gum to keep in place? I mean, other than dudes who don’t actually have to wear it?

I don’t even know how anything she’s wearing is staying in place.

Seriously, it looks like if she exhales that is just going to come flying off.

I like that top, it shows a lot of underboob while still pushing the boob up.

She has hair?

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