Model Gabrielle Epstein Wants You to Try a DIY Vagina Laser

If there’s one question I would probably ask Instagram models would it not get me sued for sexual harassment and pummeled in the head and face, it would probably be “how do you keep your vagina so smooth and hairless?” Luckily for us, Aussie model Gabrielle Epstein answered that question without being asked; she was just, I assume, being paid to hawk a DIY vagina laser, which is practical applications is sexier but much less exciting than James Bond movies would lead you to believe. It just takes the hair off, it won’t cut Oddjob in half.

That is an effective ad, though imagine what it would look like if Instagram had slightly looser rules on nudity.

I think every one of her Instagram posts is sponsored, but whatever she’s doing is clearly working. And she’s a great spokesman, I’m still thinking about her vagina.

Brought to you by the underwater titties council.

Not sure if that picture makes the flower emoji in the first ad better or worse, but let’s really, Georgia O’Keefe let that cat out of the bag years ago.

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Jah Reefer
Jah Reefer
3 years ago

Nah. She can go back to Israel for all I care. Stat.

3 years ago

Did you ever notice that you never get a decent look at her face? she gives a good illusion of being pretty, but she ain’t pretty.

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