Model Roz is Suing the Woman Who Cancelled Her on Social Media

Rawan Abdullah Abuzaid, also known as Model Roz, is a super-popular Instagram influencer from Saudi Arabia. But her defense of the Saudi government put her at odds with activist Danah Almayouf, who basically declared Model Roz cancelled and led a boycott against her.

Abuzaid didn’t like that and, according to the New York Post, filed a lawsuit against Almayouf for $5 million in damages from the boycott.

Almayouf admitted to the boycott campaign.

“I exactly did that,” she told The Post. “I told them, ‘How do you work with a racist and homophobe?’ I buy from these companies and I’m not going to buy from them if they work with homophobic, racist, hypocrite liars.”

Sounds good. Unless we’re going to let everyone who gets cancelled sue, I don’t see the merits here. It’s perfectly legal to lead a boycott of anyone for basically any reason unless you’re a financial competitor with them.

But Roz isn’t famous for her brains or her politics.

Unfortunately for her, unless Almayouf libeled her in some way, you can’t sue someone for cancelling you.

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