People are Trying to Extort Whitney Cummings’ Nipple

Back in April, Whitney Cummings accidentally posted a story on her insta that showed her nipple. Naturally, a lot of people took screenshots before she was able to delete it. Now some of those people are asking how much it’s worth to her for those snaps to not show up online. One thing they didn’t count on is Whitney Cummings not giving a f**k.

Another thing they didn’t count on is it’s 2019. No one cares about Whitney Cummings nipple. Not even Whitney Cummings. She even showed it to everyone on Twitter. Did you see it? That s**t is boring af. You can do a Google search and you’ll get slammed with thousands of nipples that look exactly the same and most likely even better. That photo is about as erotic as moldy cheese. No offense to Whitney Cummings, but I’d sooner knock one out to two cats humping than that thing.

Anyway, if you thought this whole thing was over after she released her own nipple, you are underestimating the idiocy of these kids.

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