Super Svelte Model Aussie Bridget Malcolm Recalls Losing a Job Because of Half an Inch of Hip Fat

Bridget Malcolm is an unreasonably beautiful woman whose slender frame makes her look petite even at a towering 5’10”. But she shared an Instagram post about how she once lost a job for not being thin enough when she was already unhealthily thin.

This was me, a few weeks after I got rejected from a high profile client. And now. Strong and happy. The reason for my rejection was “Bridget’s body does not look good enough”. The girl in these photos hadn’t had a period in months, and needed to sleep 12 hours a night in order to function. The most messed up part of all this though, is that I had been accepted by this client when I was half an inch smaller in previous years. I am so thankful that all this is behind me. It has taken a lot of work and recovery, but I am so grateful that there is a place in the industry for me now, at my healthy weight. I am proud to be working today with people who support health in women.

Luckily, Bridget is healthy now and she looks great.

I can’t imagine she’s not thin enough for anything now, much less before

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