YouTuber Brooke Houts Under Police Investigation After Accidentally Uploading a Video of Her Abusing Her Dog

If you don’t know who Brooke Houts is, she’s a YouTuber with over 300,000 followers, most of whom are there to see her doberman puppy Sphinx, who is a very good boy. They’re cute, take a look.

She does all kinds of other videos, but her dog videos get at least ten time as many views as anything else she’s done. Her other most popular schtick seems to be going all Nancy Grace and talking about abducted or murdered white women. She barely got 20,000 views on a video of her getting her vagina lasered, it’s basically about Sphinx.

Well, her newest video was supposed to be a prank on her dog where she makes it walk through cling film. I know, that’s not very funny, it’s nowhere near as funny as like, putting a cucumber next to a cat. What she actually uploaded, accidentally, was the unedited video where she hits and abuses the dog. It’s not cool.

I’m going to embed the video here, but it might be hard to watch.

Wow, that was rough. Houts posted something of an apology/excuse to Twitter after the footage got out.

She basically says she was too rough with him but he isn’t properly trained yet and she wasn’t actually hurting him, but she did go too far.

But “I’m kind of sorry but not really” may not cut it, because TMZ reports the LAPD’ Animal Cruelty unit is investigating the incident.

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