6ix9ine Would Rather Get Murdered Than Not Be Famous

YouTube / Tekiashi69

It was going to be hard for Tekashi 6ix9ine to go into witness protection considering, you know, the face tattoos. Imagine the following scenario.

”Hey, does that guy in hardware look familiar to you?”

”Who, old Jim?”

”Yeah. Don’t you think he looks like that rapper?”

”No, I can’t say he does. That’s just Jim 6ix9ine from Union Gap, Washington.”

It just wasn’t going to work out for him, which is something he probably should have thought of before he snitched on a bunch of members of a violent gang.

Now that he’s done snitching, though, 6ix9ine has decided that he’s not going into witness protection because he wants to stay famous. Via TMZ:

Did you ever see the episode of The Sopranos where Tony drops Meadow off at college? He sees a snitch in witness relocation, tracks him down and kills him. Think of how much easier it would have been for Tony to kill that guy if he had a website that said exactly where he was going to be and was performing in front of a large crowd of loud people.

I’m not saying 6ix9ine is definitely going to get murdered, but I will say he was probably going to get murdered either way so he might as well die rich.

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