Aaron Carter Says Brother Nick Raped a 91-Year-Old Woman

Remember Aaron and Nick Carter? Yeah, neither do I. Was one of them married to Jessica Simpson? That seems like a thing I remember happening. Was that another boy band member?

If you haven’t been following, and really, why would you have been, the you might have missed that Aaron has been becoming more and more unhinged. He has a huge cache of weapons and his brother Nick recently filed for a restraining order against him because he’s afraid Aaron wants to kill him and his family.

Aaron, however, is clearly determined to go all the way to Margot Kiddertown, because he’s accusing his brother Nick of raping a 91-year-old woman.

He tagged the FBI like half a dozen times. Also polygraph machines are bullshit and don’t work.

He also seems to be mad that the FBI hasn’t arrested his brother before he’s posted the unhinged rant to Instagram.

Then there was this.

Look, I’m pretty sure that Nick Carter hasn’t raped anyone, least of all a nonagenarian. And I hope Aaron gets some help before we find him crawling though the bushes in the Hollywood Hills.

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