Antonio Brown Allegedly Just Has Sex in Front of His Employees

I find it very hard to imagine there’s someone in the world who is too shitty of a person to be a New England Patriot. But it turns out there are lines even the dirtiest team of cheaters the NFL has ever seen won’t cross, and Antonio Brown has freaking obliterated those lines.

Brown was accused of rape less than a day after signing with the Patriots. Then it got weirder when a video surfaced of him farting in his doctor’s face. Yeah.

Now TMZ is reporting that a woman who accused Brown of inappropriate sexual behavior says he had sex with another woman right in front of her while she was painting a mural.

“What is not detailed in the story is that Mr. Brown engaged in other forms of sexual misconduct during the two days that she worked in his home, which included Mr. Brown having sex with another woman while the artist was working in the same room.”

That’s the sort of thing a sociopath does. The woman also claims Brown sent her threatening texts.

This behavior was shocking enough for even Tom Brady and his deflated balls to back off of his support for Brown. Just kidding, Brady was only mad about Brown taking a shot at Patriots owner Robert Kraft for getting a handy in a massage parlor.

I mean, Brady has a MAGA hat in his locker, did anyone think he would turn on someone for being a rapist?

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