Antonio Brown Won’t Just Nut on Your Back When You’re Not Looking, but Fart in Your Face as Well

Antonio Brown, thank baby jesus, can catch touchdowns, or else people would think there’s something wrong with him. Now, a Pittsburgh doctor has accused Brown of repeatedly farting in his face and laughing about it. At least he didn’t fart into his hands and thrust them into the doctor’s face.

Brown took his frostbitten toes to New England in early September. A day after his signing, a sexual assault allegation promptly came out. To refresh your memory (via ESPN):

The first alleged incident was in June 2017; Taylor [Britney Taylor, Brown’s trainer] says Brown exposed himself and kissed her without consent at one of his Pittsburgh-area homes. A month later, while at Brown’s home in his native Miami, Brown masturbated near her without her knowledge and ejaculated on her back, then later bragged about it in a series of text messages, Taylor alleges in the lawsuit.

Texts came out that Brown supposedly sent to Taylor.

“I jack my dick on your back.” That’s a great Tinder line. I’ll be sure to use it.

So, not only does this guy jerk off on unsuspecting people, he has the maturity of a 10-year-old.

In August 2018, Brown visited Dr. Victor Prisk, an orthopedics and wellness doctor. Brown showed up three hours late which was typical diva behavior. During the appointment, he was filmed passing gas while the doctor examined him.

Yes, there is video, nice.

This all comes from a really long Sports Illustrated article that documents what a strange man Brown is. Tom Brady invited Brown to stay at his house, but I’m sure he’s having second thoughts.

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