Ariel Winter is Extra Sexy Ahead of Final Season of ‘Modern Family’

Modern Family developed a real problem with Ariel Winter’s Alex in later seasons, still playing her as an unfuckable dork running around with nerdy losers because those were the only guys who wanted her. The problem, of course, is that we could all see she was insanely hot behind those thick-rimmed glasses, even after she had that breast reduction that took her chest down to “gigantic” from “almost comically large.”

After a period of being relatively quiet on social media, Winter is back to being so sexy I can’t even deal with it.

I feel like that’s not supposed to be a top but also I don’t care because look at her.

She’s like ten years younger than me, but I feel compelled to call her mommy.

The red hair really works, too.

But either way is fine.

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