Brett Favre’s Family Really Wants Him to get CTE

Brett Favre hasn’t played in the NFL for a long time. The last time Brett Favre took a snap in the NFL Blockbuster Video still existed. The last time Brett Favre took an NFL snap was before George R.R. Martin published the latest A Song of Ice and Fire novel. The last time Brett Favre took a snap in the NFL, Flint had drinkable tap water. You get the point.

You know what else happened the last time Brett Favre took a snap in the NFL? He got hit so hard by a Chicago Bears defensive player that he asked “why are the Bears here?” That really happened, it wasn’t just a Snickers commercial.

So you would think his family family would want him to stay away from the football field. You know, unless he had done something to humiliate them and himself immediately after he retired. But Favre told TMZ his family told him he should get back on the field.

Favre is almost 50 and hasn’t played in the league in almost 10 years, so his return to the gridiron was never going to happen. If only there was a young quarterback out there who was in playing shape, maybe someone who had taken his team to the playoffs before the franchise imploded through no fault of his own? But where would we find someone like that? Better call the dick-flashing grandpa.

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