Confirmed! Flume Does Eat Ass

This weekend at Burning Man, Flume was playing his normal set when one fan held up a sign that asked a very important question. “Does Flume even eat ass?” Luckily, Flume’s girlfriend, Paige Elkington, was there to help give an answer. But because it’s really hard to shout over all the womp womps and pew pews coming out of his mixers, Paige decided a visual aid would be her best bet. By which I mean, she got up on the table, shoved her ass so far in Flume’s face that he was sniffing her dinner and started twerking while Flume ate her ass.

So, there. Question answered. And since you’re already here, here’s Paige Elkington.

She’s a woman of many talents.

She also enjoys gardening.

She also knows the warm embrace of Jeff Goldblum.

She’s pretty good at modeling too.

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