Curvy Swimsuit Model Hunter McGrady Talks About Being a Curvy Wife

If you’re entirely too online, you may remember the Curvy Wife guy, an Instagram dipshit who became a meme after an initial wave of praise for him because he said he loves his wife even though she’s a little chubby.

Well, Curvy Wife Guy has got some competition now because Sports Illustrated Model Hunter McGrady has become a Curvy Wife herself, even being the first plus-sized Model on the cover of The Knot, a magazine about weddings.

Why does this need to be a periodical, anyway? It seems like everything you need to know about weddings can be summed up in a pamphlet. 1) Do whatever you want. 2) Make your parents pay for it. 3) Oral is mandatory for both parties on the wedding night. Bang, done, subscription fee saved.

Is there room for more than one Curvy Wife on the Internet?

If they do have to fight like in The Highlander, I just want to be on record voicing my support for oil wrestling.

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