Days After Winning It, Chris Jericho Lost His AEW Championship Belt… In a Steakhouse

Lionheart Chris Jericho. One of my favorite pro wrestlers since he was a cruiserweight in the WCW. He’s just a really talented, entertaining guy who is very good at both the talking part and the athletic part of pro wrestling. He’s also the brand-new AEW champion, and he will defend that title by putting his body on the line.

You know, unless he’s had a few at a steak house, then you can just literally take it out of his car in the parking lot.

Wrestling journalist David Bixenspan confirmed that a police report stating the title belt was stolen was, in fact, real.

That’s a real punch in the dick.

Now the rumors floating around are that the champ was having a bit of… shall we say “celebratory bubbles,” a thing he’s had issues with in the past.

I know, I know, a professional wrestler with a substance abuse problem is a shocking development, almost unheard of.

It’s also kind of funny that after winning the championship he was celebrating at a chain steak house, but you know what? Good for him. Why shouldn’t he? You’re too good for the Longhorn Steakhouse?

He does kind of look… rough, though.

I mean, if he doesn’t get his championship belt back, he can start a new career on the celebrity impersonator circuit as Fat Kid Rock. I don’t see him competing for the Cruiserweight title again anytime soon, though.

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