Dustin Diamond is Going to Fight That Manlet Who Lost His S**t in a Bagel Store

One of the things I’m saddest about it life is that I have never written about Chris Morgan, the dipshit who got bodied in a Bagel Boss Store while ranting about how no women want to hop on his Lilliputian dick. You need to see the video because it is hilarious.

That guy just goes down like a particularly small sack of potatoes.

But Chris isn’t going to give up his 15 minutes of fame, even if that fame is from everyone laughing at how pathetic he is. And Page Six reported that the way he’s doing is by fighting Dustin Diamond in a celebrity boxing match.

I see we’re still playing fast and loose with the definition of the word “celebrity” here.

The problem, as I see it, is that Morgan isn’t going to be able to hit Diamond above the belt unless someone gets him a milk crate like the kid from Tall Girl. Which maybe Morgan should watch. Like him, it’s terrible, but unlike his life it involves a short guy landing a woman because he’s not a complete tool.

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