Is This Gorgeous Model Disrespecting Her Own Culture?

If you haven’t heard of Kiko Mizuhara yet, you’re about to. She’s about to be huge. Not literally, she’s actually quite slim, but she’s really catching fire as a model.

Pretty sexy, right? No wonder she used to date Harry Styles, the man has good taste in women.

But she caused some controversy with her newest photo shoot.

What’s the problem? Legs too long and sexy? Well, no, according to SoraNews24, people are made because that table is not for sitting,

For many, it goes without saying that nobody should actually sit on top of the low table, least of all in their underwear with their legs spread-eagled. And this is what a large number of Japanese commenters took issue with online, admonishing her for her lack of etiquette and criticising her for disrespecting traditional Japanese culture.

While many of the comments were aimed at Kiko herself, others blamed the photographer for not realising the kerfuffle it would cause in Japan. While neither Indie Magazine nor Kiko have commented publicly on the response to the photos, the controversy no doubt raised everyone’s awareness of the youth subculture magazine, both in Japan and further abroad as well.

The way I see it, as an American, you can sit on your own table half naked as much as you want, it’s only disrespectful to go into someone else’s home and get on the table when they don’t want you to.

Also, Japan, you’re a country with a rich history of eating sushi off of prostitutes, so maybe don’t get all high and mighty about proper table etiquette.

As far as I’m concerned, she can sit spread-eagle wherever she wants.

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