Jennifer Lopez S**t-Talked Basically Everyone in Resurfaced Interview

I think Jennifer Lopez and I are going to have a problem. An old interview recently resurfaced in which the diva slags off basically every other actress in Hollywood, and that is my job. You don’t see me running around with my fat ass hanging out of the back of my skirt starring in terrible movies, so just step back from the celebrity insults.

Here’s what Lopez said in the 1998 Movieline interview which recently went viral on social media.

Salma Hayek? “We’re in two different realms. She’s a sexy bombshell and those are the kinds of roles she does. I do all kinds of different things. It makes me laugh when she says she got offered Selena, which was an outright lie. If that’s what she does to get herself publicity, then that’s her thing. Columbia offered me the choice of Fools Rush In or Anaconda, but I chose the fun B-movie because the Fools script wasn’t strong enough.”

We’ve seen a lot of range and great performances from Salma Hayek over the years. She’s won an Emmy and was knighted in France. Jennifer Lopez won a Golden Raspberry for Gigli and didn’t get top billing over Constance Wu in a movie where she plays a 50-year-old whore.

Cameron Diaz? “A lucky model who’s been given a lot of opportunities I just wish she would have done more with. She’s beautiful and has a great presence, though, and in My Best Friend’s Wedding, I thought, ‘When directed, she can be good.'”

Gwyneth Paltrow? “Tell me what she’s been in? I swear to God, I don’t remember anything she was in. Some people get hot by association. I heard more about her and Brad Pitt than I ever heard about her work.”

Well, Gwyneth Paltrow is a crazy person now, so that’s okay.

Claire Danes? “A good actress. Her emotional and inner life are available to her, which is a good start. But I feel like I see a lot of the same thing with every character she does. She’s not that way in U-Turn, though.”

Winona Ryder? “I was never a big fan of hers. In Hollywood she’s revered, she gets nominated for Oscars, but I’ve never heard anyone in the public or among my friends say, ‘Oh, I love her.’ She’s cute and talented, though, and I’d like her just for looking like my older sister, Leslie.”

Wow, she called Winona Ryder old, nice backhanded compliment. How much do you think J-Lo would rather be on Stranger Things than in Hustlers?

Madonna? “Do I think she’s a great performer? Yeah. Do I think she’s a great actress? No. Acting is what I do, so I’m harder on people when they say, ‘Oh, I can do that–I can act.’ I’m like, ‘Hey, don’t spit on my craft.'”

I’d like to point out that, once again, Jennifer Lopez was in Gigli a few years after she said Madonna should stick to singing because she can’t act. I don’t actually think I can top that.

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4 years ago

She sucks. The absolute worst. I bet she is hard to be in a room with for more than 5 minutes. THose comments may be old, but she is now too, and still not a good actress.

Loo Doovah
Loo Doovah
3 years ago


2 years ago

This interview is literally fake