Jenny McCarthy’s Red Carpet Emmys Interview Made Celebs Cringe

Even celebrities, used to faking pleasantries with each other, can’t fake it with Jenny McCarthy.

McCarthy last night hosted Fox’s pre-Emmys red carpet coverage. Do you know anything about Jenny McCarthy? Ok, then you can figure out how this ended up.

It wasn’t great when she went gushed about watching Christina Applegate while growing up and telling Applegate she much she wanted to be her when she was older. Except that McCarthy is one year older than Applegate, sooo…the math doesn’t work.

Also, she congratulated Applegate on her first Emmys nomination. Very nice of McCarthy to say that only if Applegate hadn’t been nominated four times before, twice for Samantha¬†Who?, which Applegate graciously tells McCarthy.

McCarthy ended her interview by calling Applegate “sweetheart”. Applegate looks like she wanted to disappear right then and there.

Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t escape McCarthy’s annoying interview either. That WTF? look that Paltrow gives at the end of McCarthy’s scattershot interview says it all.

Never thought I’d want to see Ryan Seacrest anywhere, but can we plug him in here next year?

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