Lori Loughlin ‘Incredibly Panicked’ After Felicity Huffman’s Jail Sentence

It’s getting real for Lori Loughlin. Now that Felicity Huffman’s 14-day jail sentence has been handed down, Loughlin has started to see the finish line. And it looks like Orange is the New Black.

A source close to Loughlin told ET:

“Lori has kept a close eye on Felicity throughout the case and after hearing her 14-day sentence, she’s been incredibly panicked…She can’t help thinking, if Felicity received real prison time, what could that mean for her?”

I was wondering the difference between the two. Both tried getting their kids into colleges through bribes. Huffman paid $15,000 for a proctor to fix 19-year-old daughter Sophia’s SAT questions. Dumbass Sophia couldn’t even answer the questions correctly, so that was $15,000 down the drain. Plus Huffman has to go to jail. Thanks Sophia! Don’t show up for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Huffman pleaded guilty to mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

Loughlin, though, is way worse. She paid $500,000 in bribes to get her daughters, 19-year-old Olivia and 20-year-old Bella, into USC. And she’s pleaded not guilty. I never paid attention until now, but she paid $500,000?? Half a million? To get her daughters into college when they don’t even want to go. Loughlin should’ve invested that money into stocks and real estate, way better return on investment.

No doubt she’s going to jail for way longer. I bet those prosecutors gave her an even worse plea deal than before since Huffman was sentenced.

The source continued:

“Lori has confided in friends that she has nightmares about what’s to come and has been living with constant anxiety. Lori chose a very different path than Felicity and felt taking a deal was a mistake. She doesn’t believe she deserves jail time.”

Meanwhile, Olivia Jade was back on Instagram last month after a hiatus, flipping off the camera.

When Loughlin saw this pic, she must’ve realized then and there what an idiot Olivia Jade is and how pointless it was trying to get her into USC.

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