Mark Ronson is Sorry He Likes to Bang Smart Girls

If you’ve never heard the term ‘sapiosexual’ before, it’s because it’s meaningless and not a real word. My spellcheck doesn’t even recognize it, it’s one of endless fake sexualities made up by the internet. Sapiosexuals are people who claim they’re only attracted to smart people, which is funny because everyone who claims to be sapiosexual is retarded.

Mark Ronson made some headlines when he “came out” as sapiosexual earlier this week on Good Morning Britain, showing the world exactly what it takes to be the biggest choad on a show hosted by Piers Morgan, a literal bag of pus shaped like a man.

Via The Sun:

Turning to Ronson, she added: “You are identifying as a man who likes intellect?”

He replied: “Yeah, I didn’t know that there was a word for it.

“We were all arguing backstage in the dressing room. With a couple of your producers. And yes I feel like I am identifying as sapiosexual.”

To be fair to Ronson, he had just heard of the concept backstage before the show, and it’s easy to think “oh, yeah, that describes me pretty well” when you first hear it. I thought the same thing because all my serious relationships have been with intelligent people, but then I remembered I’ve had as much as I possibly could with people best described as “hot dumb-dumbs.”

Ronson told Rolling Stone he was basically roped into the whole exchange by GMB’s hosts, which makes sense because again, Piers Morgan, total dipshit.

After the show, Ronson said he went back to his hotel and saw that his remarks were making headlines. “It sounds like I went on a TV show to be like, ‘Guys, I have some big news!’ And the fact that I would go on and sort of declare myself — like as a heterosexual white male — part of any marginalized community was  terrifying to me, or just embarrassing.”

I think it’s a good save for Ronson, and we know he’s telling the truth because if he had said something different in private, Piers Morgan likely would have seen it on his phone.

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