Millie Bobby Brown Will Put Her Name on This Skin Cream, But She Won’t Put it on Her Face

Millie Bobby Brown has a new line of skincare products called Florence by Mills. But while her face is all over the marketing for the brand, those skincare products aren’t going anywhere near her face. Watch her promo for it carefully.

Eagle-eyed reddit users pointed out that at no point in that video can you actually see any product touch her face and her makeup remains on the entire time.

The most upvoted comment on Reddit is just “friends don’t lie,” a line Brown’s character uses a lot in Stranger Things.

But another redditor said this, which is extremely interesting.

I don’t ever believe that celebs are ever selling us the skin care routine they actually use. But I still expect them to be willing to use it at least once! If you’re not willing to even put it on your face to make a sale, why should anyone else use it for real?

Edit: someone pointed out the tubes look empty so it may be that the product isn’t ready yet and so she’s faking for that reason?

Not even using it for the commercial kind of reminds of that episode of The Simpsons where Bart gives Krusty the Krusty the Clown brand eyewash and it burns his eyes. Like what are the chances your face just turns into a giant blister the second this stuff touches your skin? Probably low, but who knows, Millie Bobby Brown isn’t taking that chance, so why would you?

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