Miss Bikini Model 2019, Dare Taylor, is ‘Emotionally Attached’ to This Bikini

Dare Taylor’s Instagram page proclaims that she is Miss Bikini Model 2019, and I was shocked to find out that is actually a real thing. Here’s how the organizers describe it.

Miss Bikini is a unique event  – it’s a BEAUTY PAGEANT + MODEL SEARCH! Miss Bikini features a Victoria’s Secret style swimwear fashion show, professional photoshoots and magazine submissions, custom made mermaid crowns, and a fabulous prize package. 

Dare says one Bikini is extra special to her, though.

I mean, it’s pretty good. I’m not sure what makes it that special, though, especially since she has a lot of bikinis, as you’d expect.

They all look good.

I’m emotionally attached to that bikini, myself.

But how can you choose a favorite?

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