Model Han Hye Jin Dieted for 70 Days To Prepare For a Nude Photo Shoot

I imagine a nude photo shoot is pretty nerve-wracking. Everyone is self-conscious about their body to a certain extent, and that’s usually just in front of one or two people, not on the cover of a national magazine.

Han Hye Jin looks absolutely stunning on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, and that’s no accident.

All K-Pop reported that while on a Korean television program, Han explained what she went through to get in pro nude magazine cover shape.

Han Hye Jin revealed that it took her 70 days to prepare and build muscle. She stated that she exercised and ate 6 meals a day. She elicited surprise when she stated that she never dieted that seriously until she had to shoot.

She looked good beforehand, too. Here’s her workout in action.

I mean, whatever she’s doing, it’s working.

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Jason Chen
Jason Chen
3 years ago

Shes just skinny….i dont see the hype lol